09.06.2017 As an innovative family owned company Deuteron became a reliable partner for the coatings and ink industry. Over the last 40 years we supported our customers with novel and unique products that addressed the specific demands of the industry. Being a reliable and innovative partner for the industry is part of our self-perception.

Due to that we are happy to announce our latest developments which have been launched successfully during this year’s European Coatings Show in Nuremberg.

  • Deuteron PMH M, PMH F
    Organic mating agents with good matting performance and low impact on the coating viscosity. Functional alternatives to our Deuteron PMH C prepared with slightly different particle size distributions.
  • Deuteron SO 510
    Soft touch additive (very fine suspension of elastomer particles in Ethyl acetate) for the use in fast drying solvent-based systems such as flexographic printing.
  • Deuteron SO 302
    Soft touch additive (coarse suspension of elastomer particles in Water) to develop combined texturing effects with a durable soft touch performance.
  • Deuteron UV RMP
    Matting additive for 100% UV curable coatings. Deuteron UV RMP is a micronized wax alloy and acts as a powdered version of our Deuteron UV RM dispersions.
  • Deuteron LE 50, LE 50 UV
    Diluted versions of our conductivity promoters that are free of the H-311 labelling. (Deuteron LE 50 UV is suitable for 100% UV curable systems.)
  • Deuteron SF 505
    Micronized powder based on our thermoset polymethylurea technology. Deuteron SF 505 improves the scratch and abrasion resistance, increases the burnishing resistance (in combination with other matting agents) and reduces the slip. The product acts as a functional alternative to PE/PTFE waxes.
  • Deuteron VT 910, 920, 930
    New group of xanthan based thixotropic thickeners. Due to a surface treatment or the granulated form (depending on the specific grade) the products are easy to use and can be dispersed without the need for high shear rates. Deuteron VT 920 and VT 930 are suitable for cosmetic and food applications. Deuteron VT 930 is a clear solution type.

In case of any interest for samples please feel free to come in contact with us directly or contact our local sales representatives. We are always happy to help in case of specific technical request or other product related questions.