03.04.2017 Our new product group – which is more than a just a group of plain and regular soft-feel additives – expands your possibilities in the field of soft-feel applications significantly. These new and innovative products are called:

  • Deuteron SO 100 (for UV systems)
  • Deuteron SO 300 (for aqueous systems)
  • Deuteron SO 500 (for solvent-based systems)

The products from our new Deuteron SO-line do not only support pleasant haptic effects, they are creating them – largely independent from the used binder. Furthermore different dosages allow for a wide range of various haptic effects.

For more information feel free to have a look at the products’ respective webpages and have a closer look at the technical literature. If you cannot wait to get your hands on our new products, why not spend the time waiting by ordering some samples straight from our web shop.