Air Release Agents and Defoamers

Air release agent for unsaturated polyester systems and waterborne systems.

Additives for water borne primer and lacquers, aqueous pigment- and filler präparations, printing inks, aqueous unsaturated polyester resins, dispersion paints, glues, adhesives and sealers. Additives for wetting and deaeration, especially for laminating resins, where excellent adhesion of polyester resin and glass fiber is required.

Product Chemical Base Delivery Form Solvent / Reactive thinner Active content [%]
Deuteron ES 222 Fattyacid condensate Liquid Arom. HC / Glykol 52,4
Deuteron ES 224 Fattyacid condensate Liquid Xylene / Glykol 67
Deuterol 201E Polyalcohol Liquid Hexylene glycol, Hexylenglycol 32