Conductivity agents

Additives for anti-static equipment of coatings and plastics.

Our conductivity agents are based on quaternary ammonium compounds and are supplied in solid or liquid form. For over thirty years our antistatic agents have been used by our customers across the world in a wide range of applications: from improvements to spray performance for coatings to antistatic treatment for shoe soles and floor coverings. Profit from both the flexibility and the economic efficiency of our conductivity agents.

ProductChemical BaseDelivery FormSolvent / Reactive thinnerActive content [%]
Deuteron LE 100LV Quaternary Ammonium CompoundLiquid-100
Deuteron LE 512 Quaternary Ammonium CompoundSolid-100
Deuteron LE 80 Quaternary Ammonium CompoundLiquidButanol80
Deuteron LE 50 Quaternary Ammonium CompoundLiquidButanol50
Deuteron LE 50UV Quaternary Ammonium CompoundLiquidDPGDA50
Deuteron LE 151 Quaternary Ammonium CompoundLiquid1,2-Ethandiol, 1,2-ethanediol85
Deuteron LE 829 Quaternary Ammonium CompoundLiquid1,4-Butandiol, 1,4-butanediol85
Deuteron LE 947 Quaternary Ammonium CompoundLiquid1,4-Butandiol85

Antistatik agents by Deuteron

Conductivity agents and antistatic agents based on quaternary ammonium compounds have long been used for various tasks and are trusted and established products in the coatings, cosmetics and biocides industries. Our Deuteron conductivity products are used for applications that range from improvements to spray performance for coatings to the antistatic treatment of shoe soles and floor coverings.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Value for money / profitable
  • Easy to work with at room temperature (supplied in liquid form)
  • Easy to dilute
  • Suitable for colourless and light-coloured systems
  • Good compatibility
  • Can be combined with many other fillers and fibres