Matting agents

Polymethyl urea resin for matting of coated surfaces.

Our Deuteron and Pergopak matting agents are organic thermoset urea methanal polymers supplied in the form of finely ground powder. Because of the chemical and physical characteristics of this group of materials, no comparison can be made of their effects and they cannot simply replace silicate based matting agents. They nevertheless open up special, useable characteristics for the user. With their chemical character and their structure they are well suited as sole or additional matting agents in a wide range of coating materials. In paint and lacquering applications, the 6 available ground and sieved Deuteron and Pergopak versions cover a large number of possible uses.

ProductChemical BaseSolvent / Reactive thinnerd50d90
Deuteron MK PMU-6,313,8
Deuteron MK-F PMU-4,610,6
Deuteron MK-F6 PMU-3,56,5
Deuteron PMH-C PMU-5,512,1
Deuteron PMH-M PMU-Compound-7,717
Deuteron PMH-F PMU-Compound-6,814,5
Deuteron MM 659 PMU-Compound-7,417,1
Deuteron MM 669 PMU-Compound-6,314,5
Deuteron MM 677 PMUWater5,512,1
Deuteron MM 680 PMU-Compound-6,713,9
Deuteron MM 682 PMU-Compound-612,8
Deuteron MM 684 PMU-Compound-613,3
Deuteron MM 823 PMU / wax-6,317,3
Pergopak M3 PMU-7,317
Pergopak M4 PMU-6,313,8
Deuteron UV RM10 Wax-CompoundDPGDA / LA2,510,5
Deuteron UV RM15 Wax-CompoundDPGDA / LA411
Deuteron UV RM17 Wax-CompoundDPGDA / LA2,59,5
Deuteron UV RM19 Wax-CompoundTMPEOTA7,516,5
Deuteron SO 100 ElastomerDPGDA715
Deuteron SO 300 ElastomerWater818
Deuteron SO 500 ElastomerBUAC715
Deuteron SO 510 ElastomerETAC715
Deuteron SO 302 ElastomerWater3060

Additives for perfect coating surfaces

In addition to our PMH additives in powder form, we offer the dispersion Deuteron MM677 for low-dust applications. Furthermore, some special wax compounds are available which are especially suitable for the matting of 100% UV systems. The Deuteron SO product range enables the creation of SOFT effects in binders which are not explicitly intended for this purpose.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Good matting effect
  • Narrow particle size distribution
  • No melting point (thermoset)
  • Temperature resistant up to 200 °C
  • Short-term curing temperatures up to over 300 °C
  • Highly transparent in film
  • High scratch resistance
  • High resistance to polishing
  • Degradation resistant
  • Shear resistant
  • Chemical resistant
  • No swelling in normal coatings solvents
  • No adverse effects on catalysts
  • Can be overpainted and printed on
  • Little influence on viscosity/rheology
  • Can be cleaned and decontaminated
  • Good gloss retention in all weather
  • Reduces susceptibility to metal marking
  • “Pleasant” haptic – soft touch
  • Soft effects are supported
  • Positively affects block resistance
  • Little influence on “Anfeuerung” effects
  • Orientation additive for metallic effect pigments