Surface additives

Fine-ground powder of polymethyl urea resin to modify friction, scratch resistance and haptics.

Our polymethyl urea resin-based surface additives have been used for many years by our customers to modify the friction, scratch resistance and haptics of coatings because of their special chemical character. The Deuteron OG and SF types offer you a wide range of products supplied in various forms and with different reactive diluents.

ProductDelivery FormSolvent / Reactive thinnerd50d99
Deuteron OG 861 DispersionArom. HC3,512
Deuteron OG 8612 DispersionArom. HC2,37
Deuteron OG 8614 DispersionArom. HC1,53,5
Deuteron OG 863 DispersionIPA3,512,5
Deuteron OG 8632 DispersionIPA2,37
Deuteron OG 8634 DispersionIPA1,53,5
Deuteron OG 8670 DispersionWater3,512,5
Deuteron OG 8672 DispersionWater2,88
Deuteron OG 8674 DispersionWater25
Deuteron OG 8803 DispersionDPGDA3,512
Deuteron OG 8805 DispersionDPGDA2,88
Deuteron OG 8807 DispersionDPGDA2,57
Deuteron OG 8820 DispersionTMPEOTA3,512
Deuteron OG 8822 DispersionTMPEOTA2,88
Deuteron OG 8824 DispersionTMPEOTA2,57
Deuteron SF 505 Powder-718
Deuteron SF 707 Powder-412
Deuteron WS LiquidButylglycol, Butylglykol-0-0

Possibilities for surfave modification

Our Deuteron OG and SF products are fine-ground polymethyl urea resin plastics. These materials are thermosetting plastics and therefore have no softening range and/or melting point. This results in them having a number of benefits and properties that make them attractive for use as a surface modification agent in coatings.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Smoothness and haptics
  • Reduced static and sliding friction
  • Low surface roughness
  • Scratch and polish resistant
  • Metal marking resistant
  • Orientation of metallic or other effect pigments
  • Block resistant
  • Dirt repellency
  • Thermosets – no melting point
  • Relatively high hardness
  • Temperature-stable above 200 °C – briefly above 300 °C
  • Resistant to common coatings solvents
  • Wax and silicone free
  • Without wetting agent
  • recoatable