Thickening- and Thixotropy Agents

Biopolymers for viscosity control of aqueous systems.

Our thickening agents are based on anionic heteropolysaccharides and have been part of our product range for over thirty years. Our customers worldwide rely on our xanthan gums as stabilisers and thickening agents for aqueous systems. We supply the gums in various forms and thus offer you alternatives for a wide range of applications. Profit from the flexibility our thickening agents give you.

ProductChemical BaseDelivery FormSolvent / Reactive thinnerActive content [%]
Deuteron VT819 XanthanPowder-100
Deuteron XG XanthanPowder-100
Deuteron SR28 Xanthan / GuarPowder-100
Deuteron VT 910 XanthanPowder-100
Deuteron VT 920 XanthanGranules, Powder-100
Deuteron VT 930 XanthanGranules, Powder-100
Deuteron VT 855 XanthanPasteEthyl lactate, Ethyllactat40
Deuteron VT 856 XanthanPasteEthoxypropanol40

Thickening with anionic Heteropolysaccharides

Our thickening agents consist of pure xanthan gums and types that have delayed swelling properties  through surface treatment with glyoxal as well as through granulation. Due to the compact powder structure of our xanthan’s, especially the granulated types, there is less dust formation and therefore easier handling. There are two fluid thickening pastes available for absolutely dust-free preparation, in which a xanthan is pre-wetted with solvent and stabilizers.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Structure-viscosity
  • rapid recovery of viscosity following shear forces
  • Very good anti-sedimentation properties due to the shear thinning viscosity
  • High effectiveness with low added amounts
  • Variants easy to prepare are available
  • Dust-free liquid variant available
  • Clear variant available
  • FDA / food-grade variants available
  • Compatible with all other conventional thickeners and stabilizing agents
  • Very good pH– and temperature resistance through a wide range
  • Good stability in high and low salinity solutions
  • High tolerance against organic solvents
  • Alcohol based solutions are stable up to 40% isopropanol and 50% ethanol
  • Stable when exposed to frost and dew