UV Initiators

Photoinitiatos for cationic UV curing processes.

As an alternative technology, cationic polymerisation of epoxides and oxetanes is an important application in which our photoinitiators are used. Owing to their chemical character, our products offer many special properties. Profit from these properties and the application possibilities that they offer. The particular mechanism of photo cross-linking of cationic curing systems offers, in addition to the common benefits of radiation curing systems (such as productivity and low environmental burden), many other remarkable characteristics.

ProductChemical BaseDelivery FormSolvent / Reactive thinnerActive content [%]
Deuteron UV 1240 AntimonatLiquidPropylencarbonat, Propylene carbonate50
Deuteron UV 1242 AntimonatLiquidGlycidether50
Deuteron UV 2257 PhosphatLiquidPropylencarbonat, Propylene carbonate50
Deuteron UV 1250 AntimonatLiquidGlycidether50
Deuteron UV 3100 PhosphatLiquidGlycidether40

Cationic photo initiators, free of benzene, low odor, high curing speed.

The cationic photo-initiated polymerisation of epoxides and oxetanes is an alternative technology for radical polymerisation of acrylate systems.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Improved adhesion to difficult substrates (metal
  • plastics
  • glass
  • ceramics)
  • Low shrinkage: Chemical anchor groups are formed or are present in the polymer network and thus ensure good binding to the substrate
  • “Living” polymerisation thus creating the possibility of use on formed parts
  • Excellent flexibility (stretchable or shrinkable products)
  • Contains no benzene
  • Low migration
  • Low odour
  • Complete curing
  • Low viscosity
  • Sterilisation stable
  • Good barrier properties and electrical characteristics
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Superb gloss
  • Side flexibility in formulations
  • Outstanding toughness
  • Malleable coatings (thermoforming systems)