Wax additives

Additives to improve haptic, visual and mechanical properties.

Our wax additives, based on polyethylene, polypropylene or polyamide, are used by our customers all over the world in a wide range of applications. The chemical characteristics of our waxes enable them to be used to influence many of the features of your surfaces and coatings. 

ProductChemical BaseSolvent / Reactive thinnerd50d90
Deuteron UV RMP Wax Compound, Wax-Compound-817
Deuteron UV RS20 PE-Wax, WaxDPGDA49
Deuteron OG 250 Paraffin Wax, Wax-CompoundWater1,93,6
Deuterol Paraffindispersion Paraffin Wax, Wax-CompoundWater1,834
Deuteron OG 330 Wax-CompoundWater5,210,8
Deuteron Wax A Amid-Wax, Amide Wax-614,4
Deuteron Wax PP PP-Wax-6,614,4
Deuteron Wax PP 2 PP-Wax-6,614,4
Deuteron Wax MPO PP-Wax-5,210,7
Deuteron Wax TF PE/PTFE-Wax, PP/PTFE-Wax-4,910,6
Deuteron AP 348 PE-Wax-n.a.n.a.

Waxes as versatile surface additives

Waxes are mainly surface-active substances. They can create high hardness values on surfaces and uniform silky-gloss to silky surfaces. They have a favorable effect on scratch resistance and anti blocking properties. Combinations with other fillers and matting agents can lead to positive synergies, e.g. prevention settling.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Anti-blocking effect/stackability
  • Scratch resistance
  • Reduced static and sliding friction
  • Surface smoothness
  • Sanding properties
  • Haptic/touch sensation
  • Matting
  • Matting for 100 % UV-Systems
  • Anti-sedimentation
  • Oxygen inhibition
  • Release agent properties
  • Dirt repellency