Wetting and dispersing agents

Wetting and dispersing agents for waterborne systems unsaturated polyester systems.

Additives for water- and solvent-borne systems. Suitable for improving the wetting and dispersibility of dispersion paints and plasters, fillers, adhesives, aqueous fillers and primers. Also for high filled binder systems, on oxidative as well as physically drying binder basis.

ProductChemical BaseDelivery FormSolvent / Reactive thinnerActive content [%]
Deuteron ND 210 Fattyacid condensateLiquidIsoparaffin50
Deuteron ND 953 Acrylicacid salt, Polyacrylic AcidLiquidWater60
Deuteron ND 960 HF Fattyacid condensateLiquidArom. HC40
Deuterol Emulgator BI Fattyacid condensateLiquid-0100